Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kombucha Cultures For Sale !

Kombucha Cultures For Sale !
I have some Kombucha cultures for sale $10 each that includes postage any where in Australia ..I also include easy instructions.. Please email me at if interested...Kombucha is a great probiotic drink that is so easy to make ...and it tastes delicious..You can use it to make so many other picked onions, salad dressings...You can also add it to smoothies and raw soups for extra flavour and nutrients Great to drink in place of cool drinks ..cordials etc and so good for your health...If you don't know any thing about "Kombucha" do a google there are so many great web sites with so much wonderful information..Here are 2 great have a good read ..
But as I said there are so many more 

I should have milk kefir grains to sell soon if I stop eating them all...
I'll keep you posted ..I make so many delicious recipes with the milk kefir..Lime & blueberry ice cream.....smoothies ... great on potatoes..A little like yoghurt but a lot healthier..Great to use to make dips ..You strain it over a cloth and eat it like yoghurt or sour cream..


  1. Hi Sherrie,
    I am thrilled to bits, my Kambucha culture arrived in the mail today! And what a surprise to open the package to find your encouraging message and wishes. It made my day. Thank you. I will let you know how I get on with the Kambucha.
    Jane Robinson

    1. Hi Jane, I'm so glad to hear it arrived safely ..its always exciting receiving a parcel in the mail..
      Yes please keep me posted and don't forget if you have any questions please feel free to email
      me any time and just ask ..I'll answer anything I can ... "Happy kombucha brewing"

    2. Just want to say a big thanks to you Sherrie for your post sale follow up and advice. As you know my scoby wasn't reproducing but this morning we woke and found the start of the white film forming on the surface of the tea. All it needed was patience and, I think, a bit more warmth. We had the heater on the last few mornings and that seems to have kick started the growth. Now if you had stars for customer satisfaction I would give you maximum stars.


  2. Hi glad to hear its working well the cooler weather the cultures take a little longer... you could wrap a tea towel around the jar to keep it warmer and try to put it in the warmest part of your kitchen..That's very sweet of you to say that