Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wrapping a bottle of wine for a gift for free !

Wrapping a bottle of wine for a gift!
I saw this idea recently and they used newspaper but yesterday as I was tidying the kitchen table and sorting the catalogues, there was one from a liquor store and I thought that would make great gift wrap for a bottle of wine easy to do and its free ..As I've become more and more green I cannot understand spending good money on wrapping paper that just gets thrown away ..I'd rather spend that little extra on the gift instead...So this is a great idea and looks really festive..You could also use magazine pages joined together ..The catalogue had 4 pages with a staple in the middle so I opened it out flat and laid my bottle down and left enough paper to tuck under the bottom and then I cut strips into the paper just until the top of the bottle. Then I used my scissors to curl all the strips ..just like you do when using curling ribbon...But as its paper you need to be a bit more careful as they can rip quite easily ..I lost a few ... Of course this can be used for any bottle not just wine but maybe a bottle of your homemade lemon cordial ..A bottle of homemade chocolate sauce..Good for your pocket and the environment...
This is what it looked like before I curled all the strips!
You can use a piece of sticky tape or string around the neck of the bottle to keep it all in place ..