Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wrapping a bottle of wine for a gift for free !

Wrapping a bottle of wine for a gift!
I saw this idea recently and they used newspaper but yesterday as I was tidying the kitchen table and sorting the catalogues, there was one from a liquor store and I thought that would make great gift wrap for a bottle of wine easy to do and its free ..As I've become more and more green I cannot understand spending good money on wrapping paper that just gets thrown away ..I'd rather spend that little extra on the gift instead...So this is a great idea and looks really festive..You could also use magazine pages joined together ..The catalogue had 4 pages with a staple in the middle so I opened it out flat and laid my bottle down and left enough paper to tuck under the bottom and then I cut strips into the paper just until the top of the bottle. Then I used my scissors to curl all the strips ..just like you do when using curling ribbon...But as its paper you need to be a bit more careful as they can rip quite easily ..I lost a few ... Of course this can be used for any bottle not just wine but maybe a bottle of your homemade lemon cordial ..A bottle of homemade chocolate sauce..Good for your pocket and the environment...
This is what it looked like before I curled all the strips!
You can use a piece of sticky tape or string around the neck of the bottle to keep it all in place ..

Friday, March 7, 2014

Water Kefir flavoured with Organic Rosehip !

Water Kefir flavoured with organic rosehip tea !
I usually do my water kefir second ferment bottled up with grated ginger, its so yummy it tastes like ginger beer and ginger is so good for you ...I'm trying to use up every thing in my pantry and I spotted some organic rosehip tea that I bought a few years back ...So in my second ferment I have been putting a teaspoon of the dried rosehip tea in and its so delicious ..I'll be using what I have left as it was so expensive for 500 grams it cost me $81 ...I wont be buying that again at that price ..its probably past its best but at that price I'll use it up and I will buy some organic rosehip tea bags from supermarket and try that instead..I'm sure I can find some good quality rosehip tea at a better price ...might check my organic store to see if they sell it loose instead of tea bags...Does any one buy straight rosehip tea with nothing else added...The tea bags I currently have in my pantry have a few other ingredients added from memory I think it has lemon flavour ...maybe that's citric acid ..Actually I was just thinking I have acai berry powder and maqui berry powder in my pantry so I will try them when I finish the rosehip..Very good idea Sherrie ...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to wrap gifts for free !

I love reusing magazine pages for so many things !
Some are just so lovely.. This photo above is a block of chocolate wrapped up in a page from a magazine ..
that I gave to a friend for his birthday ..I have used them to make lolly bags for my son Jack's birthday, ..used them to make cards..bows for gifts and you can wrap so many small wrapping paper ..I rarely ever buy magazines these days expensive ..I have heaps in my sewing /craft room..I used to buy some from our library 6 for 50cents...when I get to the library I can read all the latest magazines for free.. I'd love to hear what else, others use magazines pages for ..I'm also currently working on 2 projects that I'm using the magazine pages for..I'll share with you when completed...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Do you really need to spend money on cards !

Make your own cards from recycling old magazine pages !
I have to admit I love making my own cards to send to family and friends. So much more satisfying for me personally to make my own..I was looking for something this morning in my craft /sewing room and in one of my many ..way too many ..boxes... I found a picture of these roses above that I had cut from a magazine page quite some time back and I had also made this envelope out of a magazine page of beautiful roses ..So today I cut a piece of white card from a sketch pad I bought some years ago to use to make cards cost was $2 and I've made heaps from it already so very cost effective...but if you don't want to purchase any thing you can find card stock that comes in different type of packaging eg  from sheets, boxes etc have a look around and I'm sure you will be amazed at what you can find once you start looking ..So all you need to do is find a lovely picture from an old magazine, cut it out and either glue it to the card stock or use double sided tape ...So I suggest before throwing any magazines out cut some pictures out that you know your family and friends will like and either store them until ready or make up some cards so they will be ready to send when a birthday or special days arrives..That way you will always be prepared and you wont need to rush out and spend money you don't have or if you are short on time ...To me they are gifts from the heart ....
Sorry photo is a little blurry ..But you can see it well enough to get the idea..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making Milk Kefir - A Great Probiotic Drink !

Milk kefir fermenting in a glass jar on my kitchen bench with cloth cover !
I received my milk kefir grains on Wednesday 29th of January ...Thank you very much Kathy.
Last year I sent Kathy a kombucha culture free of charge and she saw a post on a Lyme site be both belong to and she said she would be very happy to send me some milk kefir grains...Which of course I was very happy about as I wanted to add it to my probiotic drinks I was already kombucha and water kefir..trying to make lots of probiotics to help heal my gut ..With Lyme I keep reading you need to heal your gut first...So I did my batch with a litre of UHT milk and about a tablespoon of milk kefir grains..I had set it up and Kathy said that would be to much milk , so I was going to empty some out but really couldn't be bothered so just left it and next morning I had my first batch of milk kefir wow its so delicious tastes very much like runny yoghurt ..I went a little crazy on it ..had way to much ...should of started off slowly but my taste buds got so excited so I over did it ..The next night I woke up early in the morning with severe the next day I decided to google "die off symptoms from milk kefir"... sure enough plenty of info saying that lots of people can experience die off symptoms, so go slowly having a few spoon fulls until your body adjusts to it, while the gut is repopulating ...boy did I feel sick ..I had a watery mouth that you get before you vomit all day ..tried to alleviate the feeling by sipping on ginger tea, helped a little .For some reason I found it hard to resist having more of it ...maybe my body was screaming out it needs it ..not sure ...Since being unwell with Lyme I've cut out so many when I come across some thing good for me I probably over do it ...any way after a few weeks ..I decided to stop for a few days because I was just feeling to sick..Its so easy and cheaper to make then yoghurt and has so many  more health benefits..But if you are new to it go slowly especially if you have health problems..Like me ...if you are pretty healthy I don't think you would have to much problem with it ..Milk kefir is like a runny yoghurt, but you can remove some of the whey and its like sour cream ..yummy on potatoes and makes a great cucumber dip ..

This is what the milk kefir grains look like !
Boy it grows pretty quickly ..Kathy only gave me about a tablespoon of it and now I have about a cup of it..
I have been experimenting with it ..I have created a yummy smoothie well lots of them really but one we all love and Jack was asking me to make it again..I have called it "Cucumber Cooler" very fitting this warm weather we have been having this summer...In my blender I put 1 large cucumber with skin, 1 or 2   bananas and 1 or 2 peeled apples, milk kefir and water and blend it up ...not to sweet and very refreshing ...
Cucumber Cooler !

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Lavender Hearts ! They make lovely Valentine's gifts for all your girl friends.

Lavender Hearts I made one and sent to a friend wishing her a happy Valentine's Day !
I hope it brightens her day a little..
These are so easy to make and they can be made from any scraps of fabric left over from other projects I was thinking you could also use pretty old hankies ..I made a template of a heart from recycling a piece of plastic (photo below) not sure what I used as I made it some years back and I also made a paper one a bit smaller so that could be used to trace the stitching outline around the heart...I used a piece of pink ribbon so the heart can be hung up..And then I filled them with lavender from my garden...They make lovely gifts for any occasion...I'm going to make some more for Jack's schools Mother's Day stall...They can be hung on coat hangers to make your wardrobe smell nice, put in your lingerie draw..hang them on door knobs/ over bed heads to make your rooms smell nice and they look so pretty ..Just thinking you could make them in white lace for Brides to hang on coat hanger with their wedding dress...So many other ideas I'm sure...
I used floral for the front and pink with spots for the back..
I stitched them by hand using a thick cotton thread so the stitching becomes a feature but you could also stitch them on your machine, especially if making lots of them and short on time.. Just stitch the ribbon in place and leave a gap to fill with lavender then stitch the gap up and its completed..

These are two completed hearts with tags !
You can see one I stitched around the heart using chain stitch just to see which one I liked best, personally I prefer the plain straight stitching .. and it was a lot quicker to do too ..its a personal choice..
These two I made tags for saying "Happy Mother's Day" and "Happy Valentine's Day" but you could put "Happy Birthday " I also added the recipients name to make it a bit more special...

Here are the plastic and paper templates I made!
You can make the hearts any size you like but mine are made using fabric 5 &1/2 inch square. If using scraps of fabric then I position the plastic heart template to maximize wastage.Then I cut them out using pinking shears to give the hearts a crinkle edge ...makes them look prettier...Once you cut the large hearts out you pin them together and put the paper template in the middle and trace around the edge to use that for your sewing guide..then stitch away ...
Happy Valentine's Day Every one x !

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sun Can Protect Against Skin Cancer

This may sound ironic to some but I really believe its true.
This article was in my in box this morning and because I believe its so important  I decided to post it on my blog to share with you all..We never use any nasty toxic sunscreen I believe its bad for your health..But if you are going to be in the hot sun for a long period of time I do recommend you wear lightweight clothing and perhaps a hat ..But I see so many people these days slapping on sunscreen out of fear that they will get skin cancer ..At Jack's school on the book list sheet they ask parents to provide sunscreen ..I never send sunscreen to school with Jack , but last year on a few occasions Jack has had to wear sunscreen at school other wise he had to sit on the wall. So I put some extra virgin coconut oil in a little jar and labeled it Jack's sunscreen just to keep every one happy ...  

Here is the article from Hippocrates
If you make your living treating people with melanoma, you might know a thing or two about skin cancer. Dr. Angus Dalgleish says he used to advise people slather on the sunblock and avoid the sun like vampires. But now, his tune has changed and he has started advising his patients differently. The crux of his advice: reduce your cancer risk by increasing your sun exposure.
Our body requires the sun to produce vitamin D; that’s why it’s called the sunshine vitamin. The sun is the absolute best source of vitamin D. And, Dalgleish says, vitamin D is one of the best weapons against skin cancer.
His interest in the vitamin D–cancer connection began when he read that researchers at Leeds University discovered low vitamin D levels to be a major risk factor for melanoma. In a world where we are told the sun causes this deadly form of skin cancer, the research was groundbreaking. Dr. Dalgleish began testing his patients’ vitamin D levels and found something remarkable. He found nearly all of them were deficient in vitamin D. Remember, these were melanoma patients—people already fighting the disease.
“If we supplement people who are low they may do better than expected. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if vitamin D turns out to be more useful in improving outcomes in cases of early relapse than drugs costing £10,000 a year,” said Dalgleish. “I spent a decade studying Interferon, for which the NHS paid £10,000 annually per patient for years for very little benefit. Vitamin D is much more likely to give a benefit in my view.”
Now, his patients supplement with vitamin D. And Dalgleish himself does, too.
An industry has been built on scaring us into thinking the sun will hurt us. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Certainly, going out in the heat of summer and getting blistery-burnt isn’t good for you. But moderate exposure to the sun isn’t only good for you, it could keep you healthy and cancer-free.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday To My Gorgeous Kev ! A gift for his sweet tooth..

A gift for my sweet tooth partner !
It was Kev's 60th birthday yesterday 20th of January. So I got a 2 litre glass jar, one I used to brew kombucha in ..As I use a 10 litre glass container for that now..I made a label and stuck it on with double sided tape ..I love double sides tape ..but I've probably mentioned that a few times on blog posts already ...its fabulous more time yay for double sided tape..I was lucky enough to get a $20 voucher from a store that sells these ouzo lollies made in Greece..So I spent a little extra and bought 2 kilo of them..I bought some for Kev for Christmas and he loved them .. ..So to fill the jar I used 1 kilo of them ..I was thinking I could keep refilling the jar as he eats them so it appears like a never ending jar of lollies or I could put the other kilo a way for either next birthday or Christmas..or if I need a gift during the year I could fill a few more jars and give them as gifts ..either way they are put away until needed at some later stage..I gave it to him yesterday but it was empty and I said its filed with love...The lollies arrived today in the mail so when he gets home he can have 2 gifts in one ...lots of sugar and lots of love ..Happy 60th my love ...
Just another great, simple, easy gift for some one you love..

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fruit Salad ..Yummo !!!!!!

 This is our yummy fruit salad !
Christmas just isn't the same with out a fresh bowl of fruit salad ...And I love a bowl of it for breakfast on boxing day..if there is any left overs...That's why when we make it , we make a big bowl of it...You can put any fruit of your choice,what ever you like and what is in season. We put into this one rock melon,mango,grapes,water melon,banana,kiwi and lime juice...Kev and Jack made another one on Christmas day that was similar but had nectarines, peaches,mangoes,grapes,banana,kiwi, raspberries and blueberries and Lime juice ...Use either lime or lemon juice to stop the banana going brown...Kev bought some fresh whipping cream to have with his and when shaking it up in a glass jar he added a teaspoon of vanilla sugar ..

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas One & All !

               Merry Christmas Every One ! 
 I would just like to wish all my family, friends,
    followers and every one else that drops in.
                   A very special Christmas 
          that's filled with lots of love, health, 
                    happiness, peace & joy !
        And wishing you all a wonderful, 
         happy,healthy New Year 2014..