Monday, May 12, 2014

Milk kefir grains for sale ! $10

Milk kefir grains for sale ! $10
If any one is interested in making milk kefir I have some to sell.
I'll be selling 50 grams of milk kefir grains for $10 that includes postage any where in Australia ..please email me at
If you don't know any thing about milk kefir just google there is so much great information on the net..
It tastes very much like yoghurt but so many more health benefits...if its too sour brew for less time if not strong enough for your liking brew longer..I'm addicted to it can make so many delicious other things using the milk kefir I've made kefir ice cream, sour cream,dips,smoothies...


  1. Hi Sherrie, the milk kafir grains arrived on Thursday and our first batch was ready to drink the next day. I had the next batch ready for culturing in no time at all and it will be ready tonight. I love home made yoghurt but it does take more time to prepare. Much prefer kafir. The family loved it too. I have Turkish friends who love drinking Ayram, watered down yoghurt drink. I am keen to see what they think of the kafir. If readers are thinking about making kafir I can only encourage them to buy from you. The amount of kafir grain you sent allowed us to make a litre of the drink straight away. I understand that usually kafir is sold in much smaller amounts and so you have to grow the culture first before you have enough to make the drink. You offer excellent value for money. Many thanks again, Jane

    PS I will buy some water kafir in the future if you are still making it.

    1. Hi Jane so glad to hear you like the milk kefir, I love it and like you said its so easy to make isn't it much easier then making yoghurt and from every thing I've read it has so many more health benefits ..As for the water kefir for some reason mine don't seem to want to grow..but they still make lovely bubbly kefir.. But I'm still trying to get them to grow by trying different things and when they do I'll email you ..hope your Turkish friends like it ..When Kev was in Turkey many years ago he had a milk drink and after tasting the milk kefir he said it reminded him of that drink he had in Turkey