Friday, March 7, 2014

Water Kefir flavoured with Organic Rosehip !

Water Kefir flavoured with organic rosehip tea !
I usually do my water kefir second ferment bottled up with grated ginger, its so yummy it tastes like ginger beer and ginger is so good for you ...I'm trying to use up every thing in my pantry and I spotted some organic rosehip tea that I bought a few years back ...So in my second ferment I have been putting a teaspoon of the dried rosehip tea in and its so delicious ..I'll be using what I have left as it was so expensive for 500 grams it cost me $81 ...I wont be buying that again at that price ..its probably past its best but at that price I'll use it up and I will buy some organic rosehip tea bags from supermarket and try that instead..I'm sure I can find some good quality rosehip tea at a better price ...might check my organic store to see if they sell it loose instead of tea bags...Does any one buy straight rosehip tea with nothing else added...The tea bags I currently have in my pantry have a few other ingredients added from memory I think it has lemon flavour ...maybe that's citric acid ..Actually I was just thinking I have acai berry powder and maqui berry powder in my pantry so I will try them when I finish the rosehip..Very good idea Sherrie ...

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