Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Lavender Hearts ! They make lovely Valentine's gifts for all your girl friends.

Lavender Hearts I made one and sent to a friend wishing her a happy Valentine's Day !
I hope it brightens her day a little..
These are so easy to make and they can be made from any scraps of fabric left over from other projects I was thinking you could also use pretty old hankies ..I made a template of a heart from recycling a piece of plastic (photo below) not sure what I used as I made it some years back and I also made a paper one a bit smaller so that could be used to trace the stitching outline around the heart...I used a piece of pink ribbon so the heart can be hung up..And then I filled them with lavender from my garden...They make lovely gifts for any occasion...I'm going to make some more for Jack's schools Mother's Day stall...They can be hung on coat hangers to make your wardrobe smell nice, put in your lingerie draw..hang them on door knobs/ over bed heads to make your rooms smell nice and they look so pretty ..Just thinking you could make them in white lace for Brides to hang on coat hanger with their wedding dress...So many other ideas I'm sure...
I used floral for the front and pink with spots for the back..
I stitched them by hand using a thick cotton thread so the stitching becomes a feature but you could also stitch them on your machine, especially if making lots of them and short on time.. Just stitch the ribbon in place and leave a gap to fill with lavender then stitch the gap up and its completed..

These are two completed hearts with tags !
You can see one I stitched around the heart using chain stitch just to see which one I liked best, personally I prefer the plain straight stitching .. and it was a lot quicker to do too ..its a personal choice..
These two I made tags for saying "Happy Mother's Day" and "Happy Valentine's Day" but you could put "Happy Birthday " I also added the recipients name to make it a bit more special...

Here are the plastic and paper templates I made!
You can make the hearts any size you like but mine are made using fabric 5 &1/2 inch square. If using scraps of fabric then I position the plastic heart template to maximize wastage.Then I cut them out using pinking shears to give the hearts a crinkle edge ...makes them look prettier...Once you cut the large hearts out you pin them together and put the paper template in the middle and trace around the edge to use that for your sewing guide..then stitch away ...
Happy Valentine's Day Every one x !

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  1. These Lavender hearts are beautiful what a great idea. I do not have any lavender right now but will store this idea for the next time.