Monday, January 27, 2014

Sun Can Protect Against Skin Cancer

This may sound ironic to some but I really believe its true.
This article was in my in box this morning and because I believe its so important  I decided to post it on my blog to share with you all..We never use any nasty toxic sunscreen I believe its bad for your health..But if you are going to be in the hot sun for a long period of time I do recommend you wear lightweight clothing and perhaps a hat ..But I see so many people these days slapping on sunscreen out of fear that they will get skin cancer ..At Jack's school on the book list sheet they ask parents to provide sunscreen ..I never send sunscreen to school with Jack , but last year on a few occasions Jack has had to wear sunscreen at school other wise he had to sit on the wall. So I put some extra virgin coconut oil in a little jar and labeled it Jack's sunscreen just to keep every one happy ...  

Here is the article from Hippocrates
If you make your living treating people with melanoma, you might know a thing or two about skin cancer. Dr. Angus Dalgleish says he used to advise people slather on the sunblock and avoid the sun like vampires. But now, his tune has changed and he has started advising his patients differently. The crux of his advice: reduce your cancer risk by increasing your sun exposure.
Our body requires the sun to produce vitamin D; that’s why it’s called the sunshine vitamin. The sun is the absolute best source of vitamin D. And, Dalgleish says, vitamin D is one of the best weapons against skin cancer.
His interest in the vitamin D–cancer connection began when he read that researchers at Leeds University discovered low vitamin D levels to be a major risk factor for melanoma. In a world where we are told the sun causes this deadly form of skin cancer, the research was groundbreaking. Dr. Dalgleish began testing his patients’ vitamin D levels and found something remarkable. He found nearly all of them were deficient in vitamin D. Remember, these were melanoma patients—people already fighting the disease.
“If we supplement people who are low they may do better than expected. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if vitamin D turns out to be more useful in improving outcomes in cases of early relapse than drugs costing £10,000 a year,” said Dalgleish. “I spent a decade studying Interferon, for which the NHS paid £10,000 annually per patient for years for very little benefit. Vitamin D is much more likely to give a benefit in my view.”
Now, his patients supplement with vitamin D. And Dalgleish himself does, too.
An industry has been built on scaring us into thinking the sun will hurt us. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Certainly, going out in the heat of summer and getting blistery-burnt isn’t good for you. But moderate exposure to the sun isn’t only good for you, it could keep you healthy and cancer-free.


  1. I totally agree that sunscreens are really toxic and I would never put them on my skin or my children's skin. And a good dose of sunshine is good for us all and gives us all the vitamin D we need.

  2. It's so nice to see kids and adults with a healthy tan.
    Rather then seeing white pasty sickly looking people that never go into the lovely sunshine or lather themselves with toxic chemicals they cannot even pronounce for fear of getting skin cancer. I think the sunscreens are more likely to give people cancer.

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  4. Radiations from sun can also induce cancenogenesis. though it depends on amount of exposure. nice write up.
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