Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making Milk Kefir - A Great Probiotic Drink !

Milk kefir fermenting in a glass jar on my kitchen bench with cloth cover !
I received my milk kefir grains on Wednesday 29th of January ...Thank you very much Kathy.
Last year I sent Kathy a kombucha culture free of charge and she saw a post on a Lyme site be both belong to and she said she would be very happy to send me some milk kefir grains...Which of course I was very happy about as I wanted to add it to my probiotic drinks I was already making..my kombucha and water kefir..trying to make lots of probiotics to help heal my gut ..With Lyme I keep reading you need to heal your gut first...So I did my batch with a litre of UHT milk and about a tablespoon of milk kefir grains..I had set it up and Kathy said that would be to much milk , so I was going to empty some out but really couldn't be bothered so just left it and next morning I had my first batch of milk kefir wow its so delicious tastes very much like runny yoghurt ..I went a little crazy on it ..had way to much ...should of started off slowly but my taste buds got so excited so I over did it ..The next night I woke up early in the morning with severe nauseousness..so the next day I decided to google "die off symptoms from milk kefir"... sure enough plenty of info saying that lots of people can experience die off symptoms, so go slowly having a few spoon fulls until your body adjusts to it, while the gut is repopulating ...boy did I feel sick ..I had a watery mouth that you get before you vomit all day ..tried to alleviate the feeling by sipping on ginger tea, helped a little .For some reason I found it hard to resist having more of it ...maybe my body was screaming out it needs it ..not sure ...Since being unwell with Lyme I've cut out so many foods..so when I come across some thing good for me I probably over do it ...any way after a few weeks ..I decided to stop for a few days because I was just feeling to sick..Its so easy and cheaper to make then yoghurt and has so many  more health benefits..But if you are new to it go slowly especially if you have health problems..Like me ...if you are pretty healthy I don't think you would have to much problem with it ..Milk kefir is like a runny yoghurt, but you can remove some of the whey and its like sour cream ..yummy on potatoes and makes a great cucumber dip ..

This is what the milk kefir grains look like !
Boy it grows pretty quickly ..Kathy only gave me about a tablespoon of it and now I have about a cup of it..
I have been experimenting with it ..I have created a yummy smoothie well lots of them really but one we all love and Jack was asking me to make it again..I have called it "Cucumber Cooler" very fitting this warm weather we have been having this summer...In my blender I put 1 large cucumber with skin, 1 or 2   bananas and 1 or 2 peeled apples, milk kefir and water and blend it up ...not to sweet and very refreshing ...
Cucumber Cooler !

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