Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stop using toilet rolls with toxic fragrances !!! Why you ask ...

Stop using toilet rolls with toxic fragrances !  
Why you ask!!!
I was laying in bed this morning thinking I should do a blog about using toilet rolls that haven't got any toxic fragrances..I know quite few ladies that always seems to get urinary tract infections and I'm pretty certain one of the main culprits is the toxic fragrances that are in toilet paper..I mean really do you want to be wiping your private parts with toxic fragrances, I think not...I buy only 100 % recycled and  fragrance free toilet rolls, have for many many years knowing that I don't want any toxic chemicals wiping my private parts..If you are likely to use any public toilets you could also make sure you have some of your own toilet paper in your handbag, way better then getting another urinary tract infection that is for sure...So if you are one of those ladies that has this problem regularly it surely would be worth the change..If I go to a public toilet I don't wipe at all just have a little shake and I'm done...


  1. Yes! Some of them are quite pongy too but hard to tell until they are opened. Irritation from the scented stuff is why I went to using cloth and I must say it has been a lot better since.


  2. Hi Barb I so agree with you the smell is terrible and so toxic that there is no way I'd ever have it in my home..I hate using other peoples toilets because the smell from toilet paper and all the other toxic stuff they use are terrible..wish every one used citric acid to clean their toilets,non fragrance loo paper and stop using all those horrible toxic air fresheners I'm trying to convert every if any one I know that does any of these things please stop.. so much better for your health...and mine if I visit you ...

  3. I used to have UTI all. The. Time!! 6 in 6 mo at one point. Fragrance TP can be an irritant, but linty TP is worse. Also baths (must shower), scented Laundry detergent, sex, non-cotton undies, and caffeine. (You can only pic one... )
    But after my hubby and I decided to try and conceive I found out the biggest cause that no one had ever told me.... Chemical birth control. I haven't had one, or been on it since.

  4. Non scented in my home also due to being sensitive to the scented ones.

  5. I have not bought bleached, scented toilet paper since unbleached and recycled alternative became available. Our private parts have not suffered in any way for lack of scent and extra layer of softness. I take pride in not putting unnecessary chemicals down the loo. It all ends up in the oceans as such chemicals cannot be filtered out by treatment plants. I don't want the stuff coming back to me in the fish I buy for dinner. If I had my way I would only use cloth but this idea was voted out by the rest of the family. As for the air fresheners, I find their septic and artificial smells nauseating. Opening a window, burning a match or some bi-carb in a bowl works a treat and is cheaper and healthier.

  6. I suffered for years with UTI's, quite severely. Had numerous tests done, some requiring 24hrs in hospital. Specialist eventually told me the only thing he could think of was to stop using scented or coloured/patterned toilet paper. Guess what! No more UTI's!!!!