Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hydro Cell !

They have been doing a trial in South Australia using Hydro Cell with people with Lyme disease ...So  far looks very promising ..So I ordered a bottle to try myself ...I will start today, I will keep you posted on my progress ..I'm nervous and excited ..The thought of having my life back is exciting ..but it does say your symptoms can get worse. I'm a bit nervous about that part ..here is the link to the company that makes it  ...http://www.healthwest.com.au/

Up Date...I will try to do an update every day .. For my own records and if any one else is interested...
Day 1.  last night at 7pm I took my first dose 2.5 mils in a glass of water ..had no taste which was great. At 9pm had heart racing and felt all fast and hyped up lasted approximately  40 minutes ..Had trouble falling asleep but finally did. Woke up at 2.43 am and heart was racing again approximately 40 minutes again..layed awake a while then fell back to sleep.
Day 2.  Took my second dose of 2.5 mils in a glass of water at 8am feeling a little tingly in my face right now and a little hyped up ...other then that I feel sort of ok, well considering I have Lyme..Took my 3rd dose at 5pm then was going to have something to eat at 5.30 but got side tracked and at 6pm felt all hyper and heart racing ..That lasted until 7pm..I'm thinking if I eat 30 minutes after taking the hydro cell that may eliminate some of that feeling ..I need to experiment I guess, to find what works best for me. Had a few times last night that I felt hyped up too.Also noticed a few little twinges of pain in lower abdomen...but didn't last very long .
Day 3.  Took my 4th dose still 2.5 mils at 6.45 am and planned to have breakfast at 7.15 but got side tracked getting son ready for school. Had breakfast at 8.30 ...then started feeling hyped up again so I went back to bed also felt tingling in my face off and on for a while...It does have a slight after taste that lingers for quite some time. Some people may not notice it but my taste and smell are super sensitive. Also my morning dose I swished it around in my mouth to kill any bacteria and I noticed my teeth hurt a little, I only used room temp water but will warm it slightly next time and see if that makes a difference. (I really didn't want to have my morning dose because I really don't like the hyped up feeling ..but it does pass) I feel sort of brighter hard to explain, maybe feeling hopeful that I can have my life back ...I'll be back to post when I have my next dose..early evening . I had my 5th dose at 5.30 pm, still only 2.5 mils and I had no reaction this time, fantastic. I'll be back tomorrow.
Day 4. Friday morning took my first dose at 8.15am  then had breakfast 30 minutes later, I know its day 4  today ..but still only taking 2.5 mils twice a day last night and today didn't have any reaction ..but I'm playing it safe and I will up it to 5 mils twice a day tomorrow..I didn't like that hyped up racing heart feeling ..so taking it really slowly ..If I react to badly I'm less likely to want to continue...So feeling ok today ...The sun is shinning, that makes me feel good ..6th day of spring yippee ...Feeling very hopeful :) ...Going outside to enjoy more of that sunshine ..I'll report back either tonight or tomorrow..Hand my second dose at 5.30pm again no obvious reaction, so tomorrow morning I'll up it to 5mils twice a day ...be back tomorrow...wish me luck..May sound silly to some but I can tell you all since being really sick my body reacts to so many things I've tried and there have been quite a few times I've actually thought I was going to die. So slow and steady is the way to go...
Day 5. I had my morning dose at 8.15 first time on 5 mils so far no reaction that I'm aware of, its been just over 2 hours ago so far so good. I need to vote today feeling a bit nervous, hope I'm well enough to go, last time just over 3 years ago I organised a postal vote I hope I don't regret not doing one this time. Kev will be with me so should be ok, just hope my brain works well for me today. I'll be back later....Voted with out any problems, which was great. Took my evening dose of 5 mils and still no reaction fantastic...I was just thinking will I up it tomorrow to 7.5 mils or stay at 5 mils for another day, not sure yet I'll know tomorrow. Still feeling very hopeful and that makes me feel a lot brighter in myself. Some one asked me if I was feeling any better that's a hard question to answer just yet... feeling hopeful changes my mindset a little so in that regard I guess I am ..I'll be back tomorrow..
Day 6. Took my morning dose of 5mils at 7.50 am decided not to up it until tomorrow, I feel I want to play it safe and let my body adjust to each increase before going to the next ..still no reaction ..slept really well last night which is always lovely...still feeling very hopeful  :) I'd love to hear if any one else is taking the hydro Cell ..Have a great day and I'll be back later...I had my evening dose still just 5mils ..I did really well tonight I poured 5 mils into my medicine cup and tipped it over so had to refill it again ..glad it was only 5 mils...still no reaction at all, so tomorrow I will be having 7.5 mils...have a good night every one...
Day 7. Today I took my morning dose of 7.5 mils at 8am its now 10.45 and no reaction at all, I feel as if I'm feeling a bit more normal ...Feeling very hopeful indeed...took my evening dose, still at 7.5 mils ...
Day 8. I took my morning dose at 8.10am still taking just 7.5 mils and feeling a bit tired today, probably nothing to do with taking the hydro cell and more to do with Lyme...Just resting up, today I watched a show on TV that I recorded last night..wow day 8 already times sure flies...I ordered more hydro cell yesterday to put my 3 sons on to it ...Had my evening dose of 7.5 mils...
Day 9. Today I had my morning dose at 8am and I have upped it to 10 mils ..I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I just don't want any terrible reactions, so far so good, as I said previously if I have terrible reactions I'm less likely to continue, because I can tell you having Lyme is bad enough and I cannot deal with feeling any worse then I already do...I'll be back to update tonight or tomorrow...had my second dose of 10mils..
Day 10. Today I upped my dose to 15mils yay .. and feeling ok ...no reactions ..this is great ...took my second dose of 15 mils tonight..
Day 11. Boy I had a rough night last night, no sleep and a really dry mouth not that unusal at all considering I have Lyme and going through the change of life..shit life is bloody tough...well it has been for me the last 3 & a half years..So after the night I had, I slept most of the day and its 4.05 pm now and I haven't had any hydro Cell today ..probably nothing to do with the hydro Cell a bit hard to really say..not sure if I'll have a dose later on or not...I had an email from some one who said they are taking antibiotics can they still take the hydro Cell...That's a good question, I'm really not sure, in the book it said they haven't had any reports of any interactions between hydro cell and pharmaceutical medications..I personally don't take any antibiotics, I haven't for well over 20 years ..From all my reading I don't believe antibiotics cure Lyme or anything else..But I will email Lester and ask him if its ok to take hydro cell if taking antibiotic, it maybe a question other people might also be asking ...So as soon as I find out the answer I will post it on here...
Day 12. I had another crazy night waking up every hour or so, pretty sure its my hormones going a little crazy ...Any way I had an email from Lester today with an answer to the question about using hydro cell while taking antibiotics here it is .. 
There does seem to be a mounting body of evidence that is showing that Ionic Silver is making antibiotics more effective, even with pathogens that have become resistant to antibiotics See: http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/8838910/Silver-the-antibiotic
So I would recommend Liquid Life Ionic Silver if you are taking antibiotics, however if you really want to take HydroCell I would recommend that you proceed very slowly, and only take the smallest possible dose 1 or 2 mls per day for a few days and only increase when you are sure that you are not having a ‘Herxheimer reaction’ This is a healing crisis that can brought about by the combination of antibiotics and HydroCell attempting to eliminate massive amounts of bacteria, virus and other parasites and toxins from the body.

The effects can be reduced by consuming as much water as possible spaced out during the day. For people who cannot drink a lot of water that are on antibiotics, I would definitely suggest that they start on Ionic Silver at first until they finish their course of antibiotics or at least have reduced the number of pathogens.

The other reason to take Ionic Silver in place of HydroCell is where Babesia or Ehrlichia parasites are present as these are oxygen loving micro-organisms and can be stimulated by the presence of oxygen in HydroCell. Once these are brought under control then HydroCell can be slowly introduced to replace the Ionic Silver.

 And just one more thing, a lot of people confuse Ionic Silver with Colloidal Silver, there is a world of difference. Colloidal Silver will not have any effect on Lyme and is a waste of money, despite the exaggerated claims being made.
 After reading this I ended up ringing Lester ..I have Lyme + other co infections including Ehrlichia and it got me thinking, Lyme doesn't like oxygen but Ehrlichia loves oxygen ...Am I killing one and feeding the other..
But after talking with him I've still decided to continue just with smaller dose and take it 3 times a day ..
So today I have taken 2 doses so far of 5 mils each ...Some times you ask a question and it brings up a few more questions ..That's life I guess...
Day 13.It's Sunday, Last night I hardly had any sleep either I feel so worn out . I was just talking to Kev that's my gorgeous partner and I was saying I think I'll go of the hydro Cell for a few days to see if I can get some sleep, then I'll start it again but only on the 2.5 mil dose as I seemed fine on that dose after the first few days...I'm feeling flushes of heat and cold in my face today...and my breasts are still so heavy full and really sore.. I haven't had any for the last few days and my breasts feel almost normal again what a relief  ..
My plan is to take the ionic silver until I get up to 30 mils 3 times a day with no reaction then I'll start back on the hydro cell .. Tuesday I received my ionic silver from Lester thank you Lester..
Here is my new blog post on the ionic silver I will do a daily update on how I'm feeling,please follow along if interested ..  Ionic-silver blog post



  1. Hey this looks interesting.I'll keep following your post to see if it helps with your Lyme. I wish you well.

  2. following and very hopeful for you! xox