Thursday, September 12, 2013

Green Smoothies !

Green Smoothies !
Today I had one of my delicious green smoothies for breakfast !
I haven't been having any green smoothies for a while, why you ask ...well since being really unwell with Lyme, I also wondered if I was suffering from adrenal fatigue I have been reading that if so you should have animal protein with all meals and stay away from raw foods and not eat fruit  ..Any way I have decided not to go with that for now and get back to my morning green smoothies...They are so delicious and I can say I really enjoyed it ...Also in place of water in my smoothie I decided to add 2 cups of my water kefir. Here is the rest of the ingredients that I added today .. 2 cups of English spinach, a green apple, piece of cucumber and a handful of frozen raspberries ...To easy, just toss all of it in the blender and blend ..this made 2 x 500mils jars full... So that was breakfast today.. I made one yesterday too it had parsley,apple & cucumber with water..Who else makes green to hear from you all...I plan to make one every single morning for breakfast to see if it helps with hormonal symptoms..Who wants to join me ...To do a 30 day challenge...

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