Friday, July 26, 2013

Re-Grow Spinach from Spinach Roots !

Spinach-Free Food !
When we buy English spinach from the shop it comes with all the roots,like you can see in the photo.. You can cut all the roots off and replant them in your garden or in a pot and you will have free spinach ...
In the photos below you will see I have one where I have planted all the spinach roots in our vegetable garden just yesterday and the photo below that is the new spinach growing in a pot which I planted about  a month ago why waste it ...
This can be done with so many other vegetables..
Who else does this ...what other vegetables do you replant ..some I have replanted are celery, onions, garlic& beetroots.


  1. A great idea - though I've never seen it with the roots on here in France...


  2. I haven't bought it with roots attached either... however, I've done this with spring onions/shallots, leek and my Pop would bury sprouting potatoes too!

  3. I do it with celery and bokchoy. I just cut off the base when I get it and put the base in a shallow bowl of water I change every day and the sprout comes up in the centre, when the sprout looks sturdy I plant it out. The bokchoy only takes about two weeks to be ready once I plant it out

  4. We do this with the bottom of Spring Onions in a cup of shallow water on the kitchen windowsill. They grow very quickly. Marion