Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Water Kefir !

A great probiotic beverage !
I've been making water kefir and boy it's so easy and delicious and good for my gut flora !
There are so many different recipes on the net for making this wonderful healthy probiotic beverage..
Every thing I've been reading it that it is good to make it with water high in minerals..Firstly I was using our bore water which is high in minerals and now I'm using course celtic sea salt ..I'm really experimenting ..This is my current recipe that I'm using and it is delicious ... ..Here is my recipe ..
2 litres of rain water ..
1/2 cup raw sugar ..
1 tablespoon coconut sugar..
1/4 teaspoon course celtic salt..
1 thin slice of lemon with skin...
I mix all ingredients in a big 2 litre glass jar add the water kefir crystals and 1/4 cup of previous brew. I cover the jar with a cotton cloth secured with an elastic band and leave it for 48 hours, on a shelf in my pantry..Then I strain and bottle it , and begin the whole process again ..This recipe tastes very much like a lovely bubbly ginger beer...When I get enough I will start selling it if any one is interested just let me know...
I've been reading about all the health benefits just google "water kefir" so much information on the net ..This is great for people who cannot tolerate dairy products...Who else makes water kefir and what is your recipe...


  1. id be interested to buy some. i havent tried kefr yet but my dr keeps telling me to. please let me know when u have some to sell :) cheers!

  2. I need to try and get mine up and going again, I'm hoping I haven't killed it.
    I can never get it bubbling like some people do but like it on a hot day with fruit added for the second ferment.
    What does the salt do?


  3. Hi Barb, mine is bubbly while brewing if I stir it I can hear and see the bubbles..When I bottle it up and leave it on the bench over night I need to be very careful when opening the bottle as it will spew out the top..I put celtic salt to add extra minerals.. I think I may reduce that amount...because the organic coconut sugar is also high in minerals ...If I go back to using bore water that is also high in minerals...

  4. I would very much like to try this and will buy some from you when you have enough to sell.