Friday, July 19, 2013

Caramel Pop Corn !

Jack and I made caramel popcorn today ..
I've been really wanting to make this with Jack over the school holidays and we finally made it earlier today... A very quick and easy sweet tasty treat ...
In a sauce pan I put
1/3 cup raw sugar.
90 grams butter.
1 tablespoon honey...
Stir over heat until it boils then boil for about 2 minutes stiring well..Jack made the pop corn in our popcorn maker, we made 2 batches then I poured the caramel mixture over the popped corn and tossed well to coat all the popped corn...very yummy ...found it hard to stop eating it ...note to myself next time don't eat to much...ok
I came across this tip some time back but as we haven't made popcorn for a long time so haven't tried it yet I will next time as I have put a container of  corn in the freezer for next time...
When you pop microwave popcorn, have you ever noticed how you always have a bunch of unpopped kernels left in the bottom of the bag? I have a simple secret. Keep your microwave popcorn in the freezer, and every kernel will pop!
This would make a great treat to make when you are going to watch a DVD on TV or at your next party or get together.I will make some for Jack's next birthday party... 

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