Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nettle Tea Kombucha !

My Nettle Tea Kombucha !
It's really delicious !
I started this batch on the 19th of July so it's been brewing 3 weeks today.. It can take a lot longer to brew in the cold weather. I used 3 nettle tea bags and 145 grams of white sugar with half a cup from a previous brew of my regular kombucha. So it only has a tiny bit of caffeine from the previous brew. I bottled up this batch and have made up another batch today to brew away. I used 2 nettle tea bags that I had left and some lose nettle tea that was a gift from Tiffany and half a cup of the brew I bottled up today so pretty well no caffeine. I'm going to have the healthiest intestinal flora with all these probiotic beverages I'm making ...Well I sure hope so !! I also made up another brew using a herbal tea blend called night cup which I also made up on19th July but it wasn't ready, I'll give you all an update when it is...Note:If any one is interested in making this delicious probiotic beverage. I sell the cultures for $10 that includes postage & handling any where in Australia ..

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