Friday, July 19, 2013

Replacing Elastic In Pj's !

I had 3 pairs of pj's that needed elastic in the waist replacing ...So I sat outside and unpicked them, took the old perished elastic out and replaced with new elastic..Another job done, so now I can wear them all again and with winter I need my fleecy pj's to keep me warm and toasty.. They should last me quite a few more winters I'm sure...Very happy to do a few small repairs to make our clothes last a lot longer...I know of people who will just throw clothes away that need a few repairs or even a button.Better for the environment by mending ...When they are beyond mending we use them for rags around the house...Do you mend your clothes...

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  1. I havefixed up and repaired quite a bit over the last few weeks. Replaced a few buttons, hemmed some trousers and fixed a zip...made up some bags from old T-Shirts and singlets...Will do some more when husband goes back to work and I can make a mess without worrying too much. I also cut up the old ones for rags. We don't buy new, no need to with a bit of time and a needle and thread.