Saturday, November 3, 2012

Making My Kombucha ! The culture arrived today !

My Kombucha Culture arrived today !
Fred our fabulous postie, delivered it today I was very surprised with it being a Saturday. Well I've made up my first batch, I used 3 rose hip with lemongrass & ginger tea bags and 160 grams of sugar in 2 litres of water. Now I just need to leave it until it's ready. I was going to make it in my crock pot ceramic bowl, but as the muesli was finished I decided to use the glass jar, it's probably better as I can see clearly what's happening with the culture. I'm going to purchase some more large glass jars so I can have lots of them brewing at the same time and experiment with different teas, to find the one that tastes the best to us.
Below is a photo of the culture in the jar it's only a piece, but another one will grow on top of the liquid. When I get them established I will be happy to pass some on to any one who is interested. The other photo is the jar all wrapped up to keep the brew warm.I will keep you all informed on their progress. I will be happy to post to people as long as they pay for postage. This culture I bought online the lady said they are free but postage is $25...When it arrived today I saw postage was $6.60 adding $3.40 for the little box and the plastic bags it came in . I won't be buying from her again but hey we all live and learn . I don't like being lied to, I don't lie to others so I expect the same in return. I would rather she said they are x amount ...any way I'll leave it there. I'm happy it's brewing away.
I will use this to make kombucha vinegar , so I won't need to buy apple cider vinegar any more I'm pretty sure it can be used just the same. I'll be doing lots of experimenting, it might make a lovely hair rinse. 

This is my online journal, so I'll know when I started each batch and which tea I used etc....

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