Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract !

Making Vanilla Extract !
On Sunday night I finally made up my vanilla extract. I've been going to make this for so many years, not sure how many, I've lost count, but finally it's done .ya ! Now I just need to wait for it to be ready. This is so easy to make all you need is vodka and some vanilla beans. Vodka can be quite expensive so I asked my dad for a bottle of alcohol as he has a still and makes his own alcohol. So the cost of the alcohol for me was free. When it's ready I'll ask him if he would like a bottle, not sure if he would use it, he may as I know he makes lots of different spirits he may like a bottle. This would make great Christmas gifts for family & friends.
I filled up 4 x 250mil bottles with the plain alcohol and added one vanilla bean to each bottle that I broke into pieces. Now I just need to leave it to infuse... I've read it takes about 3 months to be ready and every week or so to just shake the bottle. if giving as gifts you could put it into smaller  bottles, I have lots of little brown bottles with the droppers in, that were filled with homeopathic drops. It's funny just the other day I was wondering what I would do with them all, I'll wash them and store them ready to be filled with vanilla extract. I love it when I find a use for things I always feel very chuffed with myself.
NOTE: I have read you can use any spirits ie brandy, rum etc...
You can buy vanilla beans from most supermarkets, I purchase organic vanilla beans online from Loving earth www.lovingearth.net 

I checked my vanilla extract today and it has started to colour. If you are like me and you make something that takes a while for the first few weeks or so I keep checking it and then I'll probably forget it for a while and bingo it will be ready before I know it. I just finished washing all the little bottles and removing the labels that I will fill with vanilla extract, that I will gift through out the year to family & friends...

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