Monday, November 5, 2012

Do You Recycle Your Old Jeans !

I usually recycle my old jeans ! Do you ?
When my jeans are worn out in the knees I usually cut them down and make them into shorts. Some times I have hemmed them at the bottom and some times I have left them all frayed at the bottom. But if my jeans are to tight I will pass them on or take them to the op shop. Well as you can see my shorts in the photo are ready for the rag bag or maybe in this case the trash. I decided to remove the zip using my trusty un picker, as I will use the zip to make a little money pouch for my son Jack to use when he takes money to school. Wow, look at the colour of the zip, you can see how faded my shorts are.They have been well worn that is for sure, money well spent ! I'm pretty sure I still have the cut off legs in my sewing room somewhere I'll use them to make the money pouch for Jack. I'll do a blog post, when I have completed it. Once I made a peg bag from an old pair of jeans, I've seen lots of bags made from old jeans. What do you all do with your old jeans ? Please post and share your great ideas


  1. I have cut jeans up into little pieces soaked and blended and used the pulp to make paper :)

  2. Bonjour,
    To recycle olld jean and very old dress I made an apron
    See this on my blog :
    excuse me for my english, I am french :)