Sunday, September 9, 2012

Non Rice Fried Rice - Low Carbohydrate !

Non rice fried rice - Low Carbohydrate !
This is so delicious and easy to make but instead of using rice with is very high in carbohydrates I use
cauliflower. Does that sound interesting , even if you don't like cauliflower I'm sure you will love this recipe. I wash and cut up some cauliflower and throw it in to my food processor for a minute until finely ground up. like photo below.
Recipe ingredients:
1/2 -1 cauliflower.
1 medium brown onion.
1 zucchini.
2 eggs.
1 cup of cooked diced free range chicken. (you could use any other cooked cold meat. or no meat to make it vegetarian. I put a splash of olive oil in pan then I beat up two eggs and make scrambled egg. Remove from pan add another splash of oil and add finely diced onion saute for a few minutes then add finely diced zucchini and cook until nearly cooked, then add cauliflower mix well for a few minutes then add chicken and scrambled eggs and mix well add a little salt to taste and serve. It's so yummy we eat it as a main meal in a big bowl for lunch or dinner or even breakfast.


  1. Thanks Sherrie! I am undertaking a low carb diet and this will work in very well! I have enough of the ingredients to try it out tonight. Cheers.

  2. Will definitely try this! Thanks

  3. You are very welcome, I'm sure you will like it and so easy to make easier then cooking rice and I think it's a lot's so delicious ...

  4. Perfect!I`ll have to try it.I love cauliflower:)

  5. Another great and easy recipe Sherrie. It looks delicious thank you