Monday, September 10, 2012

Jack's Ice-Cream Cake !

Jack's Birthday Cake !
It was Jack's 10th Birthday last Monday the 3rd of  September, Wow ! I cannot believe those 10 years have flown bye so quickly ...As his birthday this year fell on a Monday, we decided to have his party the following Saturday. The theme of the party is "Bey Blades". I made him an ice-cream cake, it's so simple I thought I'd share it with you all, I bought a 4 litre tub of Bulla Choc vanilla ice-cream and fresh whipping cream. I lined the cake tin with a plastic bag that I cut open and put all the ice cream into it and pressed it all in and flattened it and covered it over with the over- lapping plastic, then put it back into the freezer for a few hours. Then we whipped the cream, we use a big glass jar and shake it until thickened  (gives you a great workout) Then I removed the cake from cake tin put onto a decorative plate and covered it with cream, then sprinkled the top with 100's & 1000's. I was thinking about making chocolate icing to pipe happy birthday on the top, no way to hard today. Then I came up with a quick and easy idea I will make a banner which I did, I printed out Happy 10th Birthday Jack on a blue piece of paper cut it out and got 2 toothpicks and rolled the paper around each and used a little sticky tape to hold in place. Then I cut out a logo that we used for his invitations stuck that to the top with tape and Kev blew up 4 little water balloons which I tied with some thread and tied then to the top of the tooth picks...How cool is that ...and so simple...Stuck in 10 candles, got all the kids to gather around and sang happy birthday and instead of buying plates and utensils and spending more money or time washing up I used ice cream cones and that's how they ate it ...all the kids loved it so did the biggest kid of them all Jack's dad Kev..Kev loves ice cream....This was for 9 boys and Dad makes 10 and most came back for top ups and a little bit left over. I paid $8.99 for the ice cream and less then a dollars worth of cream so a total of $10 for the cake and the 100's &1000's I had left over from making the fairy bread.
Food we served at the party was fairy bread, vegetable platter with home made dip made using half a packet of cream cheese and some sweet chili sauce. A big platter with strawberries & marshmallows and chocolate dipping sauce made from cocoa powder, agave syrup and coconut butter. Corn chips and salsa & fruit juice to drink. And I made bey blade lolly bags...

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  1. Oh my, sounds so delicious and like you said sooo easy! Even I could make this. Love how you decorated it, too cute.
    Debbie :)