Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ahh Bra For Sale !

I have a beige Ahh Bra For Sale !
I wanted a black and white Ahh Bra but could only purchase them in a pack of three as I don't wear beige I thought I would sell this one. It's brand new, never been worn at all. It's XXL I'm a size 38 inch bust and  this size is perfect for me as I really don't like tight fitting clothing. But it would fit a bigger bust size as well, if any one is interested in purchasing this one please email me.I will sell it for $6 which will include postage in Australia only. They are so comfortable and give great support, just letting you know if you haven't worn them before. 
The item is now sold  

I'm wondering  who else wears them and agrees with me they are so comfortable.


  1. I'll buy it off you Sherrie, I will put the money into my next letter which is heading your way this week. OK?

  2. Comfortable yes.

    Do they do anything for your figure no!

    But hey I like comfy!!


  3. Ahh bra is a most popular bra in the ladies. It's a great brand and comfortable in all pattern.