Monday, May 28, 2012

Having problems with our Fisher & paykel oven !

We have a FISHER & PAYKEL Soft Touch Oven.
We are pretty sure the control board needs replacing we are having trouble finding the part we need if any one can help us we would greatly appreciate it. As we know the oven works, we really don't want to replace it, if we can get a new control board. The Model  761X Serial BRD193034 it was manufactured in 1994, installed in 1996. I don't like the idea of sending it to landfill if it can be fixed I'm a big fan of reduce, reuse, recycle & rethink. .


  1. Fantastic Blog! Found you on! I'm a follower!! Excited to come back and check out your blog again when I have some more time!!! Hope you stop by and visit me sometime!!

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  2. Hello,

    Years ago we had trouble with a F&P washing machine, everthing had to be replaced within months of purchasing it. Apparently it was a test model more or less to see how things would go. Anyway our refrigeration guy gave me the number of F&P here in WA and I rang them. Didn't realise I was given the number of someone quite high up in the company. Anway good old me the "housewife" got them to replace everthing in it. Worthwhile contacting them to see how you get on.

    Happy days.

  3. Try this site..
    The control pcb is available.

  4. I am renting a house in Canberra Australia with this oven with this problem.
    I have solved the problem for $0.
    Use a hair dryer. Gently heat the panel with the buttons.
    Also open the oven and heat under the panel (with buttons) at the top of the oven.
    After the electronics behind the panel warms up, the panel will become responsive and able to be turned on.
    Email me here> adslqhok at