Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gift Bows (Another Recycled Project)

Make Your Own Gift Bows From Junk Mail !
These are so cute and easy to make by using any junk mail or old magazines, newspapers, catalogues or old envelopes...Just another recycling project which I truly adore doing, making pretty decorations for free from junk how cool is that.

Step 1.
Cut at least 9 strips of paper length and width will depend on size you want to make, experiment with different widths and lengths.

Step 2.
After cutting the strips I fold them in half to get the centre then I place a little bit of double sided tape in the middle and then fold the paper around and stick then I do the other side. Have the side or pattern on the outside so that will show when completed.

Step 3.
This is how they will look

Step 4.
Then you keep layering them in a circle each one I stick down with double sided tape until it's completed. Then you can if you want to staple the middle for added strength its up to you.
These look so cute on gifts for family and friends.
They would also make great Xmas tree ornaments.
The ones I have made above are made from an old magazine page, junk mail and the inside of two old envelopes.

These two are made from reusing old envelopes.I love the patterns inside some of the envelopes,such a great way to reuse envelopes that your bills came in and they look so pretty. This would be a great craft to teach your children on the holidays, they can decorate their friends gifts with them. Clip them in your girls hair for a pretty hair decoration or clip them to a head band for a pretty look. Love to hear what else people could and do with them . I'm thinking about experimenting and trying one using fabric if it works great I'll post and let you know.


  1. Beautiful! I am definitely going to keep this in my box of tips and tricks. Those bows cost $4.00 and up in the shops.

    Come and visit my new updated blog, Sherri!

    I spent all day today re-designing it. The old blogs are still there, no new ones yet. I'll start blogging again over the weekend. xx

  2. I am always looking for ways to recycle my stuff this is a terrific idea for bows!

  3. What a great idea using recycled paper, I have lots of strips of paper that I didnt know what to do with it ,now I do, thanks!!!

  4. Wow!!! I love it, can't wait to look through more of your site :)