Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Aprons

I made this apron the other day for my heart sister for her birthday, I really hope she likes it. I'm a member of Simple Savings and this year I joined heart sisters where we have 2 heart sisters one sends to us and we send to one. I love being a part of some thing that spreads joy and love. We need to make contact with our heart sister at least every 4-6 weeks , by sending a card a letter a gift just to let them know we are thinking of them. It can really cheer people up if they aren't well or have a few challenges they need to deal with or just to brighten their day a little. I love sending my heart sister things that I have made, sure hope she likes home made gifts.I plan on making these aprons to sell them so if any one is interested please let me know I will make them to (your colour choice) and when I've made some more I will post them on my blog for sale. All are made from 100% cotton fabric, made using solar power and lots of my love !
please email me at to see others for sale please visit my other blog at

This is a close up of the roses fabric across the pocket. I may do an apron tutorial if enough are interested.

This is my first attempt at making my own printed labels.It's very easy to do I will do a tutorial soon to show you how ...Still working on my designs...


  1. Your tag is a little modest compared to the ones I put on my creations years ago which read " handmade by Deb, craftswoman extraordinaire". Not half up myself hey! Lol

  2. The apron is lovely Sherrie. I've been a member of Simple Savings for 2 years and had never heard of Heart Sisters until I read it in your blog post. It's a great idea so I'll have to remember to join it in 2013 :-)

  3. Great apron. Love the idea of heart sisters

  4. Lovely apron and you've done a great job of the label. I love the idea of heart sisters ... it sounds wonderful.