Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Use For Those Meat Trays!

These meat trays have so many other uses !
I know a lot of you greenies out there would say stop buying meat from the super markets & stop bringing them home. We do go to the butchers sometimes to buy our meat, but it isn't close by. Any way if you happen to have some they make great trays for my sons small mecanno parts, saves them from getting lost all over the floor. They are also great to use for lots of craft projects. They are also good for Lego and any little toys that have small pieces. I also take them to the school to the art room, where they use them for paint palettes & other craft activities. I did a post about using meat trays last year here is the post for other uses


  1. These are great for making prints...the kids can carve out some shapes, paint over the top then use for printing.
    If you wanted you could make ones you would use often such as birthday themes many possibilities!

  2. We use the large flat trays as storage for all the fabric pieces to make a quilt block. It's easy to pin the pieces in place for a quick visual check. Remove the pins and stack the trays to store neatly on a shelf.