Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Great Sweet Treat Without Colours Or Flavours !

Here Is A Sweet Treat Without Nasty Colours Or Flavours !
I brought a packet of Lump sugar yesterday from our Asian store, this is a great idea for children or adults that are on the failsafe eating plan and cannot eat lollies(if sugar isn't a problem).They are made from sugar and water, you can suck and crunch them just like lollies. I know they aren't the healthiest choice, but for people eating the failsafe way, they can usually only eat pears, and we all need a little treat from time to time. They would make a lovely gift, just fill a jar with them and decorate with a fancy label and ribbons, the bag I brought is 400 grams and cost me $2.99. So for any one eating the failsafe way I think they would really appreciate a sweet treat. This could also be an option for any one who wants something sweet to suck from time to time with out all the colours & flavours and other nasty surprises in lollies today. Even the natural lollies aren't safe for failsafe eating, they have salicylates in them from fruit juice.They are also gluten & dairy free for people who are sensitive to them also.


  1. I bought this once from our local Asian store...it really is yummy, but be careful, its addictive..and I wore down my false teeth....lucky I was booked in for new ones...
    Great choice for the failsafe way!

  2. just found this blog and became a follower. I LOVE IT! So cool and such great information. I love stitching and have a blog too. I also love reading, and cooking.