Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time To Get Out The Hotwater Bottles !

Yes its that time of the year once again !
Hot water bottle time that is ...Actually I have been making my son Jack a hot water bottle for the last few months. The weather has been beautiful here during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, it becomes quite chilly ...Jack loves his hot water bottle in bed to keep him cosy and warm. I have been using hot water bottles for years not only to keep warm, but years ago I used to get some pains in my back and tummy area at that time of the month(period time that is ) and I found using the hot water bottles very soothing. Also they are great to use for pains like ear aches,tooth aches, back aches. So many uses, you can use them to help rise dough for making bread , I usually wrap Jack's pj's around the hot water bottle so they are warm when he puts them on , its those little things we do for our loved ones that cost nothing and make them feel special. Our hot water bottles all have covers on them that I made from pieces of left over fleecy track suit material makes them more cosy and soft. The red one in the photo was made by my middle son Anthony at school , sewing was compulsory ...Its lasted well as he's nearly 23 in a few months time, that's Jack's favourite one... They are very easy to make cut fabric to size make a bag and hem top and thread through casing a strap so it can be gathered up and tied.  I know a lot of people use wheat packs , but we don't own a microwave to heat them. So quick to just boil the kettle & during winter we have our slow combustion fire going and I have a kettle always on top , so I use that to fill the hot water bottles.I will use a hot water bottle during winter if I'm sewing or on the computer. What else do you use your hot water bottles for, please post and share them with us all.


  1. Love the covers Sherrie :-) And so much choice in fabric these days you can really personalise them.

  2. What wonderful covers.. and a great idea, I love my hottie not so the cover I tried to make for it last year. It was knitted and you could have fit to inside ;-)