Monday, May 23, 2011

Cooking With Herbs!

Cooking with herbs and spices makes all the difference to the
taste of your meals. Give them a try ! 
Here are 12 to try if you don't already !
1. Parsley - This herbs goes into just about every thing,savory of course, also makes a great garnish.
2. Bay Leaf - Used in casseroles, soup and great with pot roast. Go
easy. Bay leaves are strong.Try a leaf in your casseroles
3. Basil - Ah, the taste of summer. Who can resist fresh basil
and tomatoes from the garden tossed with olive oil and garlic
Dried, it's wonderful in soups, pasta dishes and chicken.
4. Dill - Try some dill sprinkled on fish, chicken or even in a light cream soup.
5. Garlic has a way of making the most ordinary food gourmet.
Fresh, though, is best. Squeeze it from a garlic press
into almost anything. (Not desserts)
6. Ginger - Sprinkle it in your stir-fry, lovely with apples &pears.
I always freeze it. It will keep almost indefinitely
when frozen. I peel it and slice it and store in a zip lock bag or
a plastic container with lid, grate or finely chop into your recipe.
7. Nutmeg - I love nutmeg. If you can find nutmeg nuts, try it
freshly grated ( I think fresh anything is always best)
it's also good grated on sauteed squash,zucchini, green beans
and carrots.Great in feta and spinach slice
8. Oregano - A staple in Italian cooking, it's also good in
casseroles and salad dressings.
9. Rosemary - This beautiful plant grows like crazy in my garden and
goes great with chicken,lamb and beef, casseroles and root
vegetables especially potatoes  Try some in your cooked carrots
10. Tarragon - An almost licorice flavor, this delicate herb
is great in vinaigrette's and in salad dressings  delicious
sprinkle on the top of baked or poached poultry and fish.
11. Thyme - You can never have enough thyme! It's strong and adds a hint
of character to an otherwise pretty standard dish. Use it with
chicken, soups and beef.
12. Coriander - Its great fresh in salads and seeds dried great in all Thai
and Indian foods.
Happy cooking with herbs!

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  1. Adore herbs and use them all the time. Great post Sherrie.