Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making Paper Daisies !

Making paper daisies !
They look like real daisies, don't you think so.
On Saturday I went to spotlight and purchased a scallop paper punch ,more then I expected to pay, never mind. So I'm trying to think of lots of ways I can use it, and came up with making daisies so far.To make them you punch out scallop shape, then fold between the scallops towards the centre then cut between each scallop on the folded line to almost the centre, then cut a circle for the centre. These can be made from using scraps of paper from magazines, brochures etc, then they can be used for card making or decorating stationary, envelopes, bookmarks etc.They can also be made with out a scallop paper punch, you get a piece of paper fold in half then in quarters then in eighths, then cut the end into a scallop shape then spread it out and cut up all the fold lines to nearly the centre.If any one has any other ideas for using the scallop paper punch please post and share your ideas. I've also been experimenting with making little tags by using the scallop shape then gluing a circle in the centre and punching a hole and threading through string they look really cute also, I will probably post them stay tuned for all the great ways I'm trying to use my new scallop paper punch...

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