Monday, May 30, 2011

Make Gift Tags From Recycling Longlife Milk Cartons & Scrap Paper !

Make these cute gift tags
From recycling your long life milk cartons !
After buying my scallop paper punch last week, I've been thinking of ways I can make things with it.So
the other day when Kev said he would put the rubbish bin out , I thought of all the long life milk cartons we have used. Then I had a brainstorm, I thought I wonder if I could  use the scallop paper punch to cut out shapes.Which you can see that's what I did, I was planing on using the insides then after punching out the shapes I thought why not use both the insides & the outsides, which is what I have done.Then I used double sided tape to stick them together, I think they look great.They look like a little frame, I punched a whole with my paper punch and threaded through pieces of string, but you could use different coloured ribbons to match the paper. Another recycled project !

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