Monday, April 11, 2011

What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles ! Part 4

What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles !Being that Easter is nearly here you could make an Easter basket from the bottom of a plastic bottle, cut a ring from the plastic bottle and cut in half to make a handle, then just staple the handle to the bottom hey presto a little basket. You can decorate with ribbon or lace fill will shredded paper and top up with chocolate eggs. You could make these for any occasion, they would also make great little lolly baskets for a party, or fill with lollies for Christmas. The other one is just two plastic bottle bottoms that I just filled with eggs, you can stick a banner around wishing the recipient a happy Easter.


  1. Okay...trouble...I seriously want to do this. What a brilliant idea...but we don't drink soft drink...what to do???

  2. Hi Mim, ask friends to save some for you, you could also use other plastic containers, I always try to buy glass containers where ever possible , but some times it can be difficult, eg rice syrup comes in plastic containers, vinegar in plastic bottles. just some ideas.When I started making ginger beer I asked a friend who's DP drank lots of pepsi to save them for me.
    hope that is of some help.

  3. Just put a deposit on them, like they do in Denmark so when you return them to buy new drinks in plastic you get your deposit back.People make a living over here by collecting the ones that have been thrown out,by returning them to the supermarkets deposit return machines,so there is no mess over here by them just being thrown out on the roadside,
    Glr Denmark