Friday, April 8, 2011

What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles ! Part 3

 What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles ! Part 3
These are so easy to make and so much fun to use, so if you have made the containers using the bottoms of the bottles then here is a great use for the other end of the bottle, make ball catchers. Its up to you what size you want to make, all you need is some heavy cotton or string ,plastic bottle of course and a little ball , you could use a ping pong ball, a plastic golf ball a rubber super ball , i used a plastic ball covered in velcro that was used for a game Jack doesn't have any more it fell apart. So how to make I tied the string to the ball as it has velcro cover it I tied it around that , but you can make a hole in another ball with a large needle threaded with heavy cotton or string and pierce the ball thread through and tie a few knots at the other end then tie the other end around the neck of the bottle. The length of the string again is up to you, you could experiment to see what works best I just guessed , my ball will sit in the bottom of the catcher so I would say double the lenght of the bottle. Now the object of the game is to try to get the ball inside the catcher with out touching the ball while holding the neck of the bottle. Its lots of fun, make one for all the family and have competitions who can get it in first, then who can get it in the most, lots of fun and lots of laughs. Also it is great for hand eye co-ordination . Just another recycled project , so for very little money you will have so much fun , they could be great to make for a child's party or adult party ....lots of laughs +lots of fun +very little cost. So stay tuned for part 4 coming soon to a computer near you !lol !:) 



  1. look at this game that I did with the plastic bottles!
    have fun!