Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles ! Part 5

What To Do With Those Plastic Bottles !
The tops of the bottles are great for using to protect young plants, from grubs, strong winds and rain until they get a little more established. Or they can be used like a terrarium to grown plants inside, easy to do just pop it over a pot plant and water it by unscrewing the lid on top.
Another great use for the plastic bottles is to fill them up with water turn upside down push into the soil in your flower pots to slowly water them for a few days if going away.Does any one else have any other great ideas to share with us all. If so, please leave a comment .Rob from http://bitsouttheback.blogspot.com/  suggested making scoops for dry chicken or dog food by cutting the tops off  from plastic vinegar or cordial  bottles with a handle, that way you can scoop the contents using the handle to hold, what a great idea. We don't have chooks or dogs, but we plan to get chooks one day and I will make some then. thanks for sharing your great idea with us Rob :)


  1. Gosh Sherrie...your imagination never ceases to astound me. Brilliant idea as usual :)

  2. On the martha stewart website she uses the bottles for paper mache and makes piggy banks. Very Cute and something kids would love to do.