Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cover Shoe Boxes With An Old Street Directory !

Shoe Boxes Make Great Storage Containers !
On a previous post I covered shoe boxes with pages from an old street directory but I used the index pages because I wanted them in black & white. I have covered this one with the map pages I wanted to show you both and how effective they can look. I made this one for my son for all his Pokemon balls, saves them being all over the floor and shoe boxes are free, so free storage even better. Just glue the pages together until you have the required size you need , another great tip is reinforce the lids with masking tap inside and out , It can be frustrating going to all the trouble of covering them and the corners split and you could also do it with the box itself I didn't but I may next time. It makes me think of so many games we have and the lids of the boxes nearly always split at the corners, if you are like us you will also have a cupboard full of them repaired with sticky tape. Especially the much loved games that get played a lot, actually our monopoly box completely fell apart ,so we don't have a box for it at all. I'm going to try and get a few more of these shoe boxes the same size and make a matching set for Jack's room to store all his collections of toys !They are great for storing so many things like DVDs or CD's, use as a sewing box, smaller ones make great jewelery boxes, recipe cards,craft supplies there are way too many to mention, What do you store in your boxes ?

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