Monday, February 28, 2011

Uses For An Old Street Directory !

Uses For An Old Street Directory !
The old street directories have been around for many years, most people had one in their car. But today they are slowly being phased out , a lot of people are going with modern technology and buying GPS navigation system for their cars, the more expensive cars, come with them already in them . We are a bit behind the times, we don't move that fast when it comes to technology we still have our street directory tucked in the pocket behind the passenger car seat . We usually update our street directory every few years, I would like a navigation system but do I really need one, I like the idea of pushing a button and putting the address in and it telling me were to turn etc until I arrive at my destination. But any way what to do with the old directories, Yes you could recycle it buy giving it to the worms or put it in the compost, but why not use it instead of spending money by recycling them and using them for lots of other useful ideas. So stay tuned , as this week I will be posting some great ideas on recycling them.

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  1. Stephen has a navigator. He normally does the family driving so I leave him in charge of using it. Occassionally I will borrow it to use if I am unsure of a place I am going to, although I too still have my trusty Gregory's sitting in my car door for back up. I still prefer this over the navigator.

    The one time it did become invaluable was before we had Josh when we did a road trip down to Melbourne and boarded the Spirit of Tasmania for a holiday in Tassie. It was great whenever we arrived in a major town it made it so easy to drive up straight to our hotel like the car already knew the way.