Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Money-less Man !

Living with out Money !
A few months ago Kev and I read the book The Money-less Man !
Mark Boyle a man from the UK wrote about his journey for 12 months living with out money . I really enjoyed reading about his journey, I feel personally it is way to radical for me, but it makes you look at money a little differently and perhaps if you are really struggling there could be a few tips you may like to consider trying . I thought it was very interesting, it's amazing what one can do when they put their mind to it . I got if from our local library just another way to save money . I recommend always checking your local library before buying any books. As rate and tax payers we pay for the library so why not use it !


  1. Yes, I have only just heard about this book on the Simple Savings wesite. I am going to see if my library has it, would be good to read it I think.

    Hope you are well Sherrie!

  2. I need to see if our library has it too. We've been living on less for the last two years and it took a bit of adjustment, but it does make you appreciate all that you have.


  3. I think lot of people are living on less. We are just to anther pay cut.
    Coffee is on.