Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 tiered metal fruit basket !

Here is my latest kerb side find !
It's a metal two tiered fruit basket, Which I filled with fresh fruit yesterday and it looks lovely sitting in the centre of my lovely freshly de-cluttered kitchen table . It always amazes me what can be found on the kerb side, on rubbish pick up days ! I'm sure it could also be used as a lovely planter as long as it is lined with either geo fabric, paper bark or coconut fibre to keep the soil in and I'm sure it would look lovely filled with fresh herbs or flowering plants ! So if you have one and it's not being used for a fruit basket turn it into a herb/flower planter. What great finds have others got from the kerbside rubbish pick ups ? I have a few more that I'll be showing you in the near future, some need some work.


  1. I walk or bicycle to and from work and am amazed at the things I find in the street or by garbage bins! I don't think I have found anything nearly this lovely, but I have found screwdrivers, hammers, clothes, metal storage containers, baskets, a floor lamp, a small metal cart that I cannot describe and have no idea what it was originally for, but that has proven quite useful for moving big and heavy things, and all sorts of still-useful items.

    Yours is a truly excellent find.

  2. Hi Beth, Thanks for taking the time to comment :)I love reading peoples comments . I love that saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure"
    I just had a look at your blog good luck with the sewing and your hat making I have made a few hats I will post them on my blog one day. I love sewing I've sewn since I can remember. My mum brought me a little childs sewing machine when I was about 7 or 8 . I cannot remeber exactly then I got my nans old but new sewing machine when I was about 12 and just loved it. I used to make clothes out of old sheets. Cheers

  3. Our council doesn't do kerbside pickups for hard rubbish, only 'green' waste (branches etc). I would love to have a look around and see what other people are throwing away that I could use.

    Great find Sherrie!


  4. I love 'roadside junking', as we call it in my family! But it's such a shame what people just throw away into landfill - stuff that could be resold or donated to the less fortunate is so easy to donate, with most towns having at least several charity places. Just laziness! The more people out there 'roadside junking' the better!