Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift Ideas & Wrapping Ideas No 3.

Another Quick & Easy Idea !
Another idea is to put some chocolate truffles or home made biscuits in a clear cellophane bag and decorate with some red curling ribbon.Also make some lovely tags which have been printed on them home made chocolate truffles. Looks very Simple & lovely .


  1. yes, I agree that homebaked goodies are premium, especially since most folks are used to the cardboard-tasting supermarket stuff! Truffles--yummy!

  2. Hi dmarie, I agree home made goodies are always way better then anything you can buy ready made from the shop ...because you can use all the best and freshest ingredients with no colours & artificial flavouring & preservatives !
    Thanks so much for posting ...I love reading everyones comments :):):):)