Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Ideas & Wrapping Ideas ! No 2

Cute Mugs filled with home made truffles !
I brought these cute mugs from Woolies the other day at only $1 each and filled them with truffles for my two eldest sons. For Jack to give his brothers for Christmas ! So you could either fill the cups with truffles (I recommend washing them first) or you could put the truffles in a cellophane bag and put them in the cup. I think they look really cute . Or you could get really more fancy and buy a lovely bone china mug or cup & saucer and fill with the truffles or chocolates! You could also give the recipient a jar of coffee or an assortment of different teas, what ever you think they would like best. Or you could make up your own drinking chocolate and put into a lovely glass jar ! To make drinking chocolate mix 1/2 cup cocoa powder with 1 cup pure icing sugar, mix well and put into a glass jar . Note: To remove any lumps push through a sieve or blend to mix in either a blender or food processor !

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  1. gifting homemade goodies in mugs would be a good way to manage what seems to be an ever-growing supply. thx!