Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Ideas & Wrapping Ideas No 4.

What to use to wrap gifts !
Here in the photo I have used tea towels .I brought some Christmas tea towels to use to wrap up gifts. Tied them with some jute string added a tag hey presto . No wrapping paper to buy or throw away and way better for the environment. Then the recipient gets another gift the tea towel. Another idea for gifts for people who love to sew,make quilts or general crafting you could buy some lovely fabrics buy a metre cut it into four fat quarters and wrap gifts, I'm sure they will be happier to add another fat quarter to their stash, rather then throw away wrapping paper. If you make aprons use them to wrap a gift also. I read a tip the other day about some one using buckets they had collected that had ice cream in them and making up gift buckets I thought that was a great idea...I remember when I was pregnant with my last son Jack, I had a real craving for feta cheese. So therefore I used to buy it by the kilo in those plastic white buckets, they would also be great to use. So instead of gift baskets make gift buckets.Buckets are very cheap to buy I saw them yesterday at Kmart for 85cents each, you could buy a few and fill with goodies then they get to use the bucket ...What are some other great ideas people use that are good for the environment ? I would love to hear what every one else uses. I would love it if you would post and share all your other great ideas with us all. I'm hoping to make my blog more interactive so I would love people to post and share what they do and if they have a blog to share details with us all . Jack keeps telling me how many days are left to go before Christmas...Like I need reminding ...life is going too fast ...well 4 days to go !
I'm in the process of making fruit cakes today ...all going well I will post recipe tomorrow !


  1. Nice one Sherrie...love it! I make aprons from teatowels by simply stitching some linen tape to the two short corners for a neck and another extra long piece at waist height to loop around twice and tie in front Butcher style. A couple of random bright buttons to anchor the tie looks fab. Can be made to suit and height and er...girth :)))

  2. Hi Mimi, always lovely to hear from you...yes they would make great aprons and many other uses...A few months back I got a book from the library on what you can make with teatowels...You can never have enough teatowels...As I'm the dishwasher here I need my teatowels...I made some new teatowels a few months back as mine are looking a little shabby ... time for cleaning clothes now !

  3. Instead of using bows and ribbons. I've use things like hot pads rolled up and tied on with some strings, I've used a tape measure, jewelry oh don't worry I don't use the costly type.
    I get lot of my things I wrap gifts at used places.

    Coffee is on.