Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Ideas & Wrapping Ideas ! No 1

Here are a few ways to gift wrap home made chocolates or truffles !
My first idea is two buy some wine glasses and fill with truffles or chocolates, cover with clear wrapping tie some red curling ribbon around the top to hold the clear wrap in place, then add a gift tag. This gift would be nice to give to a couple with a nice bottle of red wine. If you have 3 couples to buy for, you could buy a box of 6 wine glasses and use 2 for each couple. After they eat the truffles they can use their glass to drink the red wine... Of course buy either red or white and glasses to suit. A very inexpensive lovely gift idea !


  1. Nice Sherrie! I prefer that to the noodle boxes actually...fab idea!

  2. OH I love this in the wine glass!!! bath salts would look great too~!

  3. I'm just imaging all those wine glasses you can get for 20c at the op shop... boil them up to make them shiny and voila!!! I'm definatley doing this!