Monday, November 22, 2010

Mexican Corn Salad !

Here is my recipe for Mexican corn salad!
2 Cob's of fresh corn.
1 red capsicum.
1/2 medium burp less cucumber.
1 red onion.
3 medium tomatoes.
1 spring onion.
red chili optional.
celtic salt to taste.
splash of extra virgin olive oil.
juice of 1 medium lemon.
Finely chop all ingredients, remove corn from cobs
mix well together and serve its delicious, healthy and great for the warmer months ahead. Lovely served with some avocado, I will eat a bowl for my lunch or dinner. Note: You could use a tin of corn if fresh isn't available.


  1. I made this today for a BBQ - also added a large can of four bean mix to add to the mexican theme! It was delicious and enjoyed by our guests! This is a new favourite for me! Thanks!

  2. Hi Anonymous, I created this recipe some years back when I was eating a raw diet...That is a great idea adding a can of beans ...I will try that myself next time I make it...Thank you for sharing your great idea...

  3. Just have to say, thanks again! I have this salad regularly now, and have started adding a whole chopped up avocado to the mix, as well as bean mix. Makes an amazing dinner by itself. Katie