Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make Your Own Christmas Stockings !

I made two of these Christmas stockings for Christmas gifts for two lovely little girls !
I made them using 100 % cotton fabric with pink beads under the cuff top and two rows of silver ric rac around the cuff top they are lined with the spot fabric which I made longer then folded it over to form the cuff. I used a piece of vilene to slightly stiffen the top. It is the same back and front as a lot of Christmas stockings are just fancy on the front,this way it looks lovely both sides so can be hung either way I also made a loop from the silver ric rac so it can be hung up.I was very happy with the finished project as I've never made Christmas stockings before took about two hours to  complete two of them ! I'm not going to do a tutorial as there are so many on the internet already. I have been thinking to personalise them and embroider their names on the top in silver cotton not sure yet. I may and then I may not I will see how I feel. Hi Kerrie if you are checking out my blog I made these for the girls for Christmas, I will probably be sending them next week some time !