Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mend Your Thongs & I Mended My $60 Diana Ferrari Leather Thongs !

I Always Mend Kev's Thongs !
How often do one of your families thongs break between the toe. I will get my big needle and some strong black thread and mend it. If half the stub is left you can rejoin the two pieces my sewing them well together or if it breaks off at the end and you have no stub left you can push the needle through the rubber back and forwards to join it together. I have mended many pairs of Kev's thongs both ways over the years and quite often get a few more years wear out of each pair. I also mended my Diana Ferrari leather thongs that also broke between the toe. I mended them once then it broke again I took them to a boot makers to have them mended as I had paid $60 for them so I wanted them to last a lot longer then they had. They said they couldn't mend them, So I took them home and mended them myself that was a few years ago and they are still going strong . I had to push the needle through the sole and back and forward about 10 times to make sure it was going to stand up to the pressure of being worn many many times which they have . Great money saver and better for the environment . So thats a win win for my purse and the environment. I was watching a show on ABC the other night about plastics and how they were reusing thongs to make beads and all sorts of interesting things rather then just being sent to land fill. It was very interesting they were also collecting and washing plastic bags to make hand bags that they were selling all over the world .


  1. Good work Sherrie. I know I have tossed out a few of my favourite leather thongs over the years when they broke. I'll keep this idea in mind for the future.

  2. also plastic shopping bags to make sleeping bags for homeless people.. very very cool