Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Made Muesli !

Home Made Muesli !
I haven't made muesli for a while !
I decided I would make some up today here is my recipe !
This recipe is gluten free, if you add oats it won't be.
1 cup pepitas.
1 cup sunflower seeds.
1 cup coconut.
1 cup sesame seeds.
1 cup linseeds.
1 cup natural sultanas.
1 cup psyllium.
1 cup almonds.
1cup chia seeds
I grind up all the seeds and nuts except the chia seeds,I mixed it up well and put into a large jar.I had a scoop of it that Isoaked with rain water for about 30 minutes then add chopped up fresh strawberries it was delicious !You can add what ever you like eg rolled oats other dried fruits. Soaking the nuts and seeds make it easier to digest and helps absorb more nutrients . Serve with fresh fruit or add a sprinkle to your yoghurt.Kev my DP will usually put a few spoon fulls over his vita brits in the morning.



  1. yesterday I had my 1/4 cup muesli soaked with rain water for 30 minutes then I sprinkled a little cinnamon and a grated apple ! really yum !

  2. This looks like a gret lower carb substitute for oatmeal in the morning, what a terrific idea and I bet it's filling too!