Thursday, October 14, 2010

Head Bands ! Made from scraps of fabric !

Head Bands !
Made from scraps of fabrics !
I made these lovely headbands from scraps of fabrics. They would make lovely gifts for Christmas and birthdays, They are very easy to make and they are reversible so flowers and spots one day and just spots the next day ! I don't have any girls but I made these for 2 lovely little girls for a going away gift, they are heading back to Sydney on Saturday .
You will need some fabric scraps and some elastic and sewing thread of course . The back fabric is 9 cm wide and the middle fabric is 3cm wide join them together then at the back add some elastic like in the photo below. I have made mine 48cm long + the elastic 7cm but allow a bit extra to sew into the headband a little so it will be strong to with stand stretching on and off !(best to measure head to get correct size)

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