Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Party Invitations !

Free Party Invitations !
It was quite by accident that I decided on using an old cheque book to write out party invitations for Jacks birthday . I was lying in bed thinking of ideas for invitations , last year Jack received an invitation from his friend Ralph that was made to look like a ticket printed on a card . It had Ralph's 7th Annual Royal Show Party. I reached into my cupboard next to my bed to get something to write all my ideas down , it was an old cheque book and I thought that's an idea I'll write the invitations on the old useless cheques ! What another great way of reusing what you all ready have ! I know invitations aren't expensive you can just print them yourself on the computer but I love it when I can reuse something I all ready have for something else ! So be creative and reuse what you have. Great for the planet and your wallet in the long run. Jack gave them all out to his friends yesterday at school. I hope this gets people thinking of other great ideas for all sorts of things and for party invitations if you have any others please share them for all to read ! As I write my blog I'm becoming greener and greener which is great for me the planet and our bank account !
Note: I thought of this later if anyone decides to do this keep  the stub/butt attached and write R.S.V.P and the children can give back the stub/butt if they are coming to the party, saves people ringing to R.S.V.P and saves money on phone calls !


  1. OMG! such a brilliant idea cool:-) Never would have thought of that at all .....