Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Lolly Bags Made From Magazine Pages !

Free Lolly Bags Made From Magazine Pages!
I know you can purchase plastic lolly bags they cost $1 for 6 and I would need to buy 4 packets costing me $4 and more plastic to pollute the environment , I don't think so !Some could say why not use brown paper bags I could, I have some in the kitchen draw, but they are way too big for a lolly bag .But I say why waste more resources when I have a pile of magazines just sitting there ! So I made my own from using the pages from the Delicious Magazines.I used all the pages that had desserts on them, I gently removed the pages and cut about 2 inches off the bottom then I folded them and glued the back seam together then folded the bottom and cut off the corners and glued. I then added the contents and folded the top over twice, it took about an hour ! So the cost was nearly free as I brought the magazines from the library for 50 cents for 6 and a little bit of glue from sons glue stick ! The contents which is a fredo frog a lolly pop a natural wrapped lolly 2 fizzers and a balloon cost me 60 cents for each bag ! I made one extra so a total of 23 bags @ 60cents each cost me $13.80. And way less plastic to pollute the environment ! My son Jack thinks they are great , that's the main thing !I think they are great also and very colourful much nicer then those you buy from the shop that's my opinion ! I love home made things they are filled with lots of love !

Here is a photo of a close up to see the front and the back they are very easy to make !I hope others make them instead of buying plastic ones!

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