Monday, September 6, 2010

Growing Mint In An Old Washing Machine Bowl !

Growing Mint In An Old Washing Machine Bowl !
I have to admit I love it when the shire have their kerb side rubbish pick ups. When we are usually driving past I always say to Kev go slow so I can see what they have ,I'm sure Kev speeds up because I don't get to see hardly anything , I'm sure he's thinking what rubbish does she want to pick up this time. I hate good things going to waste . So when I saw this washing bowl from and old washing machine I thought that will make a great pot plant for my mint , and which my mint is happily growing in ! So before you throw something out, think a little harder could it have any other uses !


  1. My mint is growing like crazy it looks so beautiful thick lush and green and smells so lovely .Every morning when I go outside and see it I keep thinking I must make some mint sauce and post the recipe. Its so delicious not only on roast lamb :)